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Craftsmanship with the tools of today.

Technology is an ever-changing field, in which the internet is the playfield for the customer. You can watch, buy, arrange almost anything you want through the internet. "Why is it so slow!?” or "This is so inconvenient" are quotes of the past with the expertise that we have in the tools of today.

What we can offer you:

  • Corporate websites
  • Consumer websites
  • Craft CMS
  • Hosting & Maintenance
  • Platforms
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Webshops (Craft Commerce)
  • APIs

Why you should choose Anyday for your new ?


Safe & monitored

You shall not pass

Your product will be hosted on a secure webserver with advanced surveillance and protected firewall. Don’t worry about losing files with automatic back-ups up to a month back-in-time.

Very quick

The speed of light

Today's digital products should work quickly and efficiently. Because of optimal configurations, code and memory-use your website will work by the speed of light!


Easy & intuitive

A piece of cake

Our expertise in User Experience and User Interface Design together with Craft CMS will make sure that working with and managing your products is a piece of cake!


Website maintenance is very important, the online world never stands still and therefore the maintenance of the website must be done in a good and frequent manner. Stagnation in this area equates to decline.

You can do this yourself, but this requires discipline and will take your time. In addition, you also need sufficient knowledge of technical matters such as HTML, web servers, DNS, databases and servers.

That is why we want to help you with this, please leave that maintenance to us. We make sure your website stays up-to-date, fix any issues and do daily backups so your files can never be lost.


Monthly updates
Server maintenance
Daily back-ups up to a month

Pricing hosting & maintenance:



Qualified for single websites with low to medium traffic.



Qualified for multi-websites or small webshops with high traffic



Qualified for multi-websites or large webshops with very high traffic

7 days a week support
Data storage
5 GB
25 GB
50 GB
Data traffic
100 GB / Month
250 GB / Month
500 GB / Month
Monthly terminable
Automatic back-ups
PHP 5.2 - 8.0
Free SSL

Technical assistance?

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