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“Live each day as if it is your last.” Who doesn’t know that phrase? But how often are we actually doing that? “Don’t take everything so seriously and shake things up a little!” Sounds amazing, but what if we put it into practice? What if today would be your last day? You probably won’t go to work, skip your daily exercises and eat whatever you want. After all, every minute is valuable! In general, if you live like that every day, you will probably end up broke, weak and exhausted. So, we decided to turn it around, with a focus on enjoying the life you are living and therefore:

“Live each day as if it is your first.” Because each day is a brand-new day, a gift, and a new chance for ambitions and opportunities to make your dreams come true.

With this renewed life lesson, we decided to change our course. We started to chase our dreams and explore the world. This created a spark in the both of us, from which we started to create a place where we could pour our passion and creativity. A place where we could be free entrepreneurs in our own unique way: anyhow, anytime, anywhere. This all has come together in our creative digital studio, Anyday. A place where we Work Hard and Play Hard. That means hard work and that is exactly what we love to do. Challenging ourselves to realise the dreams that we have and which are yet to come.


Stef van Zon

His name already says it, Stef loves the sun. This warm-blooded Dutchie doesn’t like the cold that much and therefore rather visits the beaches of Mexico. Stef is a real food fanatic with a passion for cooking. With his Untapped profile there is no special beer that is safe. And during parties? Well, everyone is welcome of course! When it comes to sports, he prefers watching cycling and is a fanatic mountainbiker himself too!

JavaScript (ES6)
Craft CMS
Sketch / Adobe XD
Mario Kart
Ultimate bucketlist item
Taking a huge bite from an original Dutch cheese.

Badass Designer

Jelle Mud

If you need travel advice, you can ask this guy. The last three years Jelle has travelled the world and crossed off up to 25 countries from his bucket list, and he is still going strong! The reason he managed to do all of this, is not only through his never-ending love for thrill and adventure, but also converting his passion for design and filmmaking into a life as a digital nomad. On his Instagram page he has selected his most amazing visuals and edited his travel footage into inspirational after movies.

Motion design
Talking nonsense
Ultimate bucketlist item
Jumping into a taxi and scream: follow that car!

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